Karvia Tourism Association

We arrange activities, such as, nature photography excursions, listening to the night birds, fishing nights, boat trips, and skiing by the moonlight. Karvia is known for its rich and distinctive culture. In addition, our amateur theatre has ample of great shows for all tastes.

Our annual culture festivities include Kyrönkaankaan Pelimannipäivä (traditional Finnish folk music festival) in February, Pääsiäisvalakiat (Easter bonfire night) on Holy Saturday, Karvia’s brass band’s open-air concert on the First of May, the nomination of Krupulaukku (a recognition granted for a reputable Karvian) at the Local Heritage Function, Karvia Päivät (Karvia Days) at the end of August, and Willin Kansan Viikko (Wild People’s Week) in the darkness of November.

Walking down the medieval road of Kyrönkangas, or taking the guided Kievari Tour, you can sense the centuries old history of the town. By attending the Declaration of Christmas Peace of the animals at the lean-to of Kangas, you will feel the true Christmas spirit in your heart. Finally, let the 200 years old wooden church of Karvia amaze you with its beauty.

That is what Karvian Pareet Pirot (Karvia offering its best) is all about!

Contact and feedback

Kaija Kangas, chairwoman
phone: 040 7150351

La traduzione dall’inglese- all’italiano curata da Gabriele Guida (trainee Erasmus+).

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